Safety Helmets


With an unwavering focus on optimal safety, comfort and fit, Klein® Safety Helmets offer protection from front, back, and side impacts! Long-term comfort and proper fit are achieved with an adjustable, flexible, open-frame 6-point suspension that hugs your head for a secure fit, adjustable chin strap, and a padded, sweat-wicking band and replaceable top pad. Vented models add further comfort with large adjustable vents to improve air circulation. All models feature patented accessory mounts on the front and back to easily and precisely attach Klein Tools’ exclusive jobsite headlamps and other accessories—no straps needed!   Universal side slots accommodate optional visors, face shields and hearing protection.

NON-VENTED CLASS E -- Specifically built with electricians and linemen in mind, these non-vented safety helmets are tested up to 20kV.

VENTED CLASS C -- Built for the demands of general construction, plumbing, carpentry, arborists and iron worker use, these safety helmets include adjustable vents that can be opened and closed. (Class C safety helmets do not provide electrical protection.)